An A Type of Dress Tutorial

The other day I was walking in Walmart and saw a sewing pattern. So I got to thinking that it would look nice on my girls. So I got the pattern and start to playing with it. I resized it to fit my girls. The dress can fit a DD with a large or mid bust and it fits a DDdy. Anyways lets get started. (note: I am going to try something deffrent this time. If you like it the old way better let me know. )

Okay thing you will need.
- soccers ( one set to cut paper and one set to cut cloth )
- pen or pencil ( to make note or make a bigger seam alowens )
- marking pen or chalk
- fabric ( white is used a a lineing )
- and the pattern. ( you can get it here: )

The dollhouse

Ok here is the dollhouse that I have been working on. I am glad to have it done and set up. Now I just need to clean my room and everything will be right with the world. Ha ha  Any ways here is the dollhouse.

update 6/9/12

The doll house is all made. I am puting the details in it now. It is not ready to have photos of it yet. Ill give a clue about the new doll house. If you have saw my first try at makeing one this new one is better. Here is some photos of the old doll house if you did not get to see it.

Update 6/5/12

Here is a little update on the doll house. It is about 85% done. I should be done with it by this weekend. Now it is not the best thing in the world but it will work.


Just checked some tutorial and they are still here. They are

Mirielle Cardigan
The Sweetie Dress
The Simple Dress

That's all I found for now.

Whats going on

I am working on a change of things. I remove all my pics on flicker and need to put them back. (note: It was getting hard to find things. I am also working on a new doll house. I will more then likely make a story about it when I am done. I will put my tutorials back when I get some time. If there is one that you need like right now just leave a comment and Ill try putting that back first.

Oh a side note. I got kicked out of so I will not be posting there any more. It was over something very stupid and Ill leave it at that.

Making a Miko Outfit part 1 of 3

Okay. To start with we will need some supplies.
You will need
scissors for cutting cloth
some kind of marking pen/chalk to make marks
3 kinds of ribbon
- 1 that is white and 3/8 wide
- 1 that is red and 3/8 wide
- 1 that is red and 5/8 wide
a measuring tape
And a strait edge
Oh and don't forget to get some fabric 1 red and 1 white
(note: You do not have to use these colors if you don't want to. Just make sure that the ribbons match your cloth.)

Making a Miko Outfit part 3 of 3

Alright we are in the home stretch. Part 3 of 3 is about how to put the Miko Outfit on. And for today's model it will be Jenny.

Me: Hello Jenny.

Jenny: Hello.

Me: Are you ready to help show hot to put on this new outfit.

Jenny: Sure. I am always ready to help when ever I can.

Me: Okay. I need you to take off your maid outfit please.

Jenny: Okay.

Making a Miko Outfit part 2 of 3

Okay. On to part 2 of 3 in our little project. In this part I will be making the bottom part of the Miko Outfit. So lets get started

Lets start by putting one of the red 15 by 14 inches and one of the white 15 by 14 together. Good side to good side. And do this to the other red  and white pieces.

Mirielle Cardigan Tutorial

Here is a tutorial on how to make the Mirielle cardigan By: Jadepixel This cardigan is not that hard to make. You can have it done in about 30 to 45 minutes. I would give it a 3 out of 10 in the defaulty level.
Jadepixel did a very good good on her directions so that is what I will be going by.( note: I did forget to do one set in order but it will not hurt to do it this way.) But anyways on with the show.

Like any project we first need to get all of our supplies.

Making the Sweetie Dress

Okay today I will be making the Sweetie Dress by: Jadepixel.
If you fallow her direction then the dress will come out fitting a DD with a mid bust. But I am hard headed so I did it my way. The dress I will be making fits the DD with a large bust. This is a easy dress to make. I would give this a 3 out of 10 in defaulty.

Ok to start with here are some thing you will need.

Making the Simple Dress

This is the Simple dress for DD that Jadepixel came up with. This is how I made the dress. It may not be the right way but it works for me.

First things first. Got to getthe things I need to start making the dress. Most people that sew know why I have so many scissors. The blue is only for cutting paper. ( I have 15 sets to cut different types of paper)  The orange sets are for cutting cloth only.

Fenrir's Little Girls

Here is a little info about the Dollfie Dreams that I have.

(Here is a fun fact. All my girls are baced off my personality.)

Name: May
She is the First DD that I got.
Head: HDD - 4
Body: Dollfie Dream Dynamite Base Body ( Normal Bust )
Eyes: Animetic Eyes / G Type / Bright Blue
Hair: W-136D-60 Short Wings - Pearl Silver
Outfit: Handmade
Character type: Mom type
note: May is the one who runs this show. What she sayes is law. (she can be very scary)


Name: Lucy AKA Boob Monster
She is the 2nd DD that I got.
Head: HDD - 2
Body: Dollfie Dream Base Body II ( L Bust )
Eyes: Animetic Eyes / B Type / Bright Blue
Hair: W-104D-16T Short Shagginess - Cream
Outfit: top Handmade / dress made by Volks
Character type: Older sister type
note: Lucy like playing her games and picking on her little sisters.

Name: Karinka
She is the 3rd DD that I got.
Head: HDD - 4
Body: Mini Dollfie Dream Base Body
Eyes: Animetic Eyes / B Type / Bright Green
Hair: W-134-613 Semi-Long Curls - Ivory
Outfit: Handmade
Character type: Litter sister type ( happy go lucky )
note: Karinka likes to color and just have fun.

Name: Emily
She is the 4th DD that I got.
Head: HDD - 3
Body: Dollfie Dream Base Body II ( M Bust )
Eyes: Animetic Eyes / B Type / Bright Blue
Hair: W-123D-16T Half-Up Long Wave - Cream
Outfit: Handmade used
Character type: Middle child type of person ( shy but does not take any crap )
note: Emily helps keep an eye on Beth, Karinka and ? so Jenny does not have to work as hard.

Name: Beth
She is the 5th DD that I got.
Head: HDD - 2
Body: Mini Dollfie Dream Base Body
Eyes: Animetic Eyes / B Type / Bright Blue
Hair: W-107D-16T Curly Bob - Cream
Outfit: Handmade
Character type: Little sister type ( shy and can have her feeling hurt easly )
note: Beth likes to read and work on projects.

Name: Jennifer ( But everyone calls her Jenny)
She is the 6th DD that I got.
Head: HDD - 3
Body: Dollfie Dream Base Body II ( L Bust )
Eyes: Animetic Eyes / H Type / Apricot
Hair: W-117D-M33/12 Long Natural Wave - Rich Brown
Outfit: Handmade ( came up with it by my self )
Character type: Maid type ( alway wanting to help )
note: Jenny likes to brush little girls hair.

Name: Saya
She is the 7th DD that I got.
Head: HDD - 4
Body: Mini Dollfie Dream Base Body
Eyes: Animetic Eyes / B Type / Madder Red
Hair: W-134-02 Semi-Long Curls - Natural
Outfit: Handmade
Character type: Little sister type (happy and take charge)
note: Saya does not play around. She will speek her mind.

Name: Tiffany
She is the 8th DD that I got.
Head: HDD - 6
Body:  Dollfie Dream Dynamite Base Body ( Shapely Bust )
Eyes: Animetic Eyes / - Type / --
Hair: -
Outfit: Handmade
Character type: Maid Type